by Tapestries

Intro 00:51
The Fear 03:51
I won’t, I won’t break the ice. The ice will melt away, I may offer you my hand because I can help my head from running away when its at my door. We are dead cockroaches in your bed. I speak slow so I know you’ll know just what I’ve said, “By the end, at the end you can bet that I won’t sing you this song like this again." Love me, honey. Know I’ll never ever make you wait a long, long time. Could you keep the two snails shells safe, because the snails, they’re really my eyes?! Hold my breath in an ocean of oil, so I can float. The dogs are whining little songs to me, so I guess I’ll pass them the bone. puff puff ruff ruff At the end, by the end you open your eyes and let the fear out of your… MICHAEL DECOSTA: DRUMS, GUITARS, BASS, PIANO, VOICE JEREMY JOUBERT: LEAD GUITAR
Properties 04:53
Properties define for me HOME and OWN, tossed receipts stack higher than me. No higher than the building on my street and they’re building more. Why fight for a clear head when it’s just not worth thinking anymore? I feel a snake bite into my skin. Where is the world that I lived in? Where is the lighter side of it? Set the alarm. Put some Radiohead on. I have fallen out of sleep and I’m so tired that I can’t see. Check the phone. Without even asking, I get you all to leave me alone. I don't mind the reason, I don't care if its wrong. I don't believe in home, I don't believe in soul because neither I own. I can’t believe in home, I can’t believe in soul because neither I own. MICHAEL DECOSTA: SYNTHESIZER, GUITAR, FLOOR TOM, VOICE ALEXANDER GARZONE: FLOOR TOM
Crystalline 04:22
This line starts where the last line ends. Its 5 o’clock AM, and I’m upright in bed scratching my back (it never ends). These habits I have… are yours worse than mine, or are you better than I am? You can just say that, but I’ll win either way because I don't believe in right or wrong, paragraphs, or some of his songs. I keep making these corrections (scratch scratch) but I don't know why, because I don't even look at the page while I write. Am I made of lies? Do they sleep in my bones? Just to wake up to anyone? Or alone, alone, alone?! I write, write, write, but when I sing its not the same. Its just black and white, black and white, black or white. I’m broken with no pain. I am ruined, but its okay when all gets thrown away. Thrown away because snow will end the school day. Snow will end the school day. MICHAEL DECOSTA: DRUMS, GUITAR, RHODES, BASS, VOICE SEAMUS SULLIVAN: DRUMS JEREMY JOUBERT: LEAD GUITAR
Eye Contact 01:56
Seen it in the green water clean and I know it’s true that it too saw me. When common sense is present tense you still couldn’t stop the bike when you saw the fence. And do you like my right, or my left? There is a shiny black cadillac waiting outside for me. I can’t wait to get inside and no longer see. You dig the grave, I’ll jump inside, but one more thing… when you looked in my eyes, were you looking at my left or my right? MICHAEL DECOSTA: DRUMS, GUITAR, BASS, VOICE JEREMY JOUBERT: LOOPSTATION/LEAD GUITAR ANDREW WILMARTH: DISTORTION GUITAR
I lay with fingers crossed in a hope to win back everything I’ve lost. My brother says that I’m up too late and I’m left forgetting why I stayed up in the first place. (Please don't stop taking polaroids and love. You give the same and that’s enough. Things will get easier for us. Unconditional and calm, no longer see you in my dreams at night. I think I’m starting to feel alright.) The bike path through the woods and around the bend— there’s a million lovely places there and I do believe that they meant to block our eyes with a no loitering sign and a path paved down because there’s nowhere left to ride. MICHAEL DECOSTA: ACOUSTIC GUITAR, ORGAN, UKULELE, VOICE ROZ RASKIN: VOICE
I can’t look up at the buildings while I’m walking because it makes me feel like I’m falling asleep. I might buckle and fall onto the ground. It feels like they’re gonna fall down. I will be sleeping with the gardener tonight. Brightblack Morning Light -- First in the evening burst from my sheets, fix myself something to eat. Some eggs cooked perfect? With a glass of water? I got this call from the devil’s daughter. Sold my soul on Sunday morning to praise the dawn and could not sleep so I played an old record, I heard old Neil and felt much better about my deal. So lets get lost downtown Providence, get drunk and fall down onto the Pavement. I’ve no idea why the Crooked Rain went, all I know is that shit was hell sent. Now I am so sure I am in love with her but it’s a scary game, its like hollowed earth. I got lucky, I guess that my luck changed or maybe I just did the right thing, maybe you can do the same? MICHAEL DECOSTA: GUITARS, RHODES, BASS, DRUMS, VOICE JEREMY JOUBERT: LEAD GUITAR NICHOLAS PETRARCA: AMBIENT LOOP
Hal T. Richmond, they’re singing for you. I’ve been listening for a day or two. Asleep in my tent, the ground is all wet. Fire burns through... Hal T. Richmond, you’re the reason I’m here— family farm in New Hampshire each year. Lost and high by the fire in a lawn chair. You’re lost in the woods but I don't go there. It’s too dark to see. Mistaking people for trees and hummingbirds for bees. Were your arms set out round like the gulf coast of Mexico for me or for your pillow at home? Because I swear that I saw you. I swear that I saw you out walking off with some things of mine or witnessing the best day of my life. MICHAEL DECOSTA: GUITARS, SYNTHESIZER, VOICE ERICA SUTHERLAND: VOICE ROZ RASKIN: VOICE JEREMY JOUBERT: GUITAR (FIREWORKS ASCEND) ALEXANDER GARZONE: DRUMS (FIREWORKS ARE SHOT AND EXPLODE)


Recorded over the course of a year (Summer 2012-Summer 2013)


released August 30, 2013

by Tapestries.
All songs written by Michael DeCosta.
All material © 2013 Michael DeCosta.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Matthew DeCosta.
All songs recorded and mixed using reel-to-reel audio tape recording on a TASCAM 388 Studio 8.
All songs recorded at 25 Chaffee St. Providence, RI except piano on The Fear and Hal T. Richmond recorded at William E. Tolman High School in Pawtucket, RI.


Thanks: Ian Augustine, Sydonia Axis, Karissa Carson, Michael Bergeron, Nicholas Dawson, Austin Hevey, Robin Hewson, Steven McDonough, Mark Mennucci, Christopher Pereira and Jon Paul Rebello


all rights reserved



Tapestries Providence, Rhode Island

Tapestries is an indie assortment of sound and locality, as well as the moniker for multi-instrumentalist Mike DeCosta of Pawtucket, RI. DeCosta has been writing, recording and performing for several years with contributions from many fellow musicians and artists. ... more

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